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Working with me you learn to live your life from a place of happiness and calm. It already exists right inside of you. It is a state of wholeness within that is untouched by external or past/future events. You can tap into it and root yourself there - now, later, at any time.


Problems, external events, thought-patterns, difficult emotions, memories habits, past experiences - they are all layers. We can drop them/peel them back - and it is empowering and liberating when that happens. 

When we do drop them, everything becomes alive and clear. Then your full potential can unfold. 

You can create and shape the life you really want - not reactively/in reaction to the external world but pro-actively, from the inside-out.


Make it much more meaning- and joyful, reconnect with your inner compass and passion, unfold your dormant potential, develop your creative ideas, and take concrete steps towards your (as yet) unlived dreams, extraordinary vision and personal & professional goals.

You can go further.

I enable you to get there.


YOUR story

You know that you can achieve so much more. You feel that you have so much more to give.


  • You want happiness. You want to be free from self-sabotaging negative emotions such as anxiety, stress, worry, anger, trauma/PTSD, self-limiting beliefs/self-doubt, past emotional and physical injuries and painful memories. You know they hold you back from unfolding your true potential. 

  • You know deep down that there is a better way.

  • You want to have a greater positive impact. 

  • You want to create a more meaningful life, connected to a higher purpose and/or inspired goal. 

  • You have ideas and a vision but something is holding you back. 

  • You want to lean into the limitless-ness of your potential and grow & expand your positive circle of influence & impact.

  • You may have everything and you are unhappy. 

  • You may be a high-achiever and you feel lonely, feeling empty and numb inside. You're burnt out.

  • Uncertainty scares you. You are overwhelmed.

  • You are happy and in your full power and you want to take your ambitious goals further.

  • You (want to) develop solutions to existential problems. You would love to be part of something bigger.

  • You want to inspire others to unite around your meaningful goals.

  • You feel out of alignment with who you are and what you really want 

  • You are at a point of fundamental reorientation in your life, looking for purpose, meaning and a new direction.

  • You may feel stuck in life or in a specific decision-making, creative or intellectual process, looking for a fresh viewpoint, new energy, as well as flow and inspiration and concrete steps forward.

  • You have as yet unlived dreams and it is now time to make them come true.


As an accredited Life Coach, NLP Master and Wingwave Coach my toolbox is filled with powerful and cutting-edge 21st-century coaching methods & scientific knowledge. My understanding of the heart/body/brain/soul connection -and the nature of suffering and joy- is not only founded in theoretical knowledge but also my personal explorations and rich life experience. I know light -and how to find it- also because I have experienced the dark. I show up to each session with my whole authentic self: my heart, joy, wisdom, curiosity, fine-tuned attention, deep intuition, adventurous spirit, playfulness, laughter, compassion and kindness. If you would like to find out more about me please go here. To find out more about Wingwave please scroll down.

In my experience, the deep insights and shifts in the state of awareness and being that can happen in a coaching session cannot be explained by the methods used and the factual knowledge alone. To me, coaching is akin to alchemy - it has a magical quality. A change of our substance that is achieved through close and refined attention, making everyone involved (including me as a coach) feel more alive and aligned, and in touch with our true purpose and core state of wholeness. It is this core state that I am focussed on and work from and towards. 

Working with me

Pursue goals that come from your heart.

wingwave COACHINg

creating the foundation for wellbeing, peak performance & success 

Often experienced as profoundly liberating, Wingwave Neuroplasticity - literally changes and create new neural pathways in your brain which can then make networks on a deep neurological level. It thus restores a sense of deep emotional calm, sets free mental clarity, energy and dormant potential, restores hope & inspiration and enables you to perform at the peak of your ability and reach your personal & professional goals.


I can help you to prevent/address/overcome: stress, anger, anxiety, worry, corona anxiety, stage fright, exam/performance anxiety, burnout, self-loathing, lack of confidence, negative self-limiting beliefs, insomnia, overeating, numbness, setbacks on the way to achieving a goal, lack of direction/inspiration, past emotional or physical injuries or memories that still negatively impact on your wellbeing & performance and similar such scenarios. Wingwave Coaching can also help to identify whether emotional stressors underlie a physical illness and remove those stressors. 

Wingwave® is a neurological and coaching technique that combines EMDR (bilateral brain hemisphere stimulation through eye movements mimicking rapid eye movement during sleep), NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and myostatic testing (a simple muscle test).


This unique method allows the unconscious mind and the body to take the lead in the coaching process (instead of the conscious mind or the coach) which reveals the unconscious mind's own 'map' and pinpoints with unparalleled precision specific unconscious mental stressors -and often past events- that may disrupt, irritate or block your mental/emotional balance and ability to perform - which otherwise could not be identified and accessed. It then releases/removes those stressors. 


Performance-inhibiting and self-sabotaging unconscious thought patterns, habits and/or self-beliefs, such as 'I am worthless/powerless', 'I am not enough', 'I can't do it'/'I am incapable' etc. are transformed into powerful resource beliefs: 'I can do this', 'I am capable', 'I am...'. 


The effect of Wingwave is longlasting and fundamental reprogramming of thoughts on an unconscious level. 

Difficult memories and emotions get re-processed and released.


Wingwave enables you to expand and unfold your full potential in your present-day life and also helps to remove emotional/psychological disturbances that may have undermined your wellbeing, happiness and ability to perform and succeed for longer periods, if not decades. 

Wingwave® is an internationally recognised breakthrough technique. Its effectiveness has been scientifically tested and approved by the University of Hamburg, the Hannover Medical School and German Sport University Cologne.


I witness extraordinary shifts in my clients using Wingwave and look forward to making its powerful impact available to more people.


Create the life you really want. 

Working with me is like a deep internal spring-clean. It literally makes you see more clearly and refreshes & replenishes your energy and enthusiasm for life.


It is also a literal 'software update' that resets your thoughts and emotions to an optimum inner state of calm and clarity - the foundation for a rich, creative and successful external life. We go deep in our sessions - enabling you to go high and far in your life.


You will learn new mind mastery skills that build your resilience and ability to stay level-headed, focussed, creative and calm especially in those high-pressured moments when the external world is stressful, hectic, uncertain and tumultuous.


You can live the life you really want - liberated from self-sabotaging negative emotions such as anxiety, stress, worry, anger, trauma/PTSD, self-limiting beliefs/self-doubt, past emotional and physical injuries and painful memories. They are layers that cloud your vision and stand between you and your full potential. We can remove them, peel them back -one by one- so your outlook becomes clear.


We each have our own map of the world. I work with yours. Working with me your 'map' and outlook expand and you discover new options, new doors, avenues and opportunities. 


You discover that your answers already lie within you; you are much more powerful than you know. Make it much more authentic, alive, meaning- and joyful, reconnect with your inner compass and passion and find your unique path & direction.


Our true potential and our best ideas can get stuck in the twilight zone between feeling and fact, between desire and action, or between a problem and positive change. I step into that twilight zone with you, enable you to turn vague notions into clear ideas, and take concrete steps towards your (as yet) unlived dreams, unique & extraordinary vision. Overcome hurdles, and identify & reach meaningful personal/professional goals.

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unlock your potential

Working with me always starts with a complimentary intensive 2-hour clarity/coaching session. Contact me to discuss your specific situation and to experience how working with me can transform your life.



I offer sets of coaching sessions for pinpointed personal development. 

Work with me as your Personal Coach 

For deep life transformations and personal & professional development, As your personal coach I offer highly personalised deep coaching tailored to your unique personality, situation, potential and goals, we work together over a period of 6 or12 months (sometimes longer) It is about creating a way of life that is deeply meaning- and joyful; learning to live life from the inside-out.  This is a soul journey that goes beyond overcoming a particular issue or obstacle. We can go much deeper and further includes spiritual guidance, mentoring, wisdom accessing insights. This is not for everyone. This is an all-in on a partnership that that is literally life-changing. Prices are highly personalised and start at 6K.


We can work on Zoom, meet in person and/or on horseback or a mountain top (Covid permitting). Get in touch to explore. 


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