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Stepping into a coaching session, examining the inner world of another human being is like entering a universe the rules and laws according to which it operates are -as yet- completely unknown.

Sometimes this inner world can feel like a hurricane - a wild event of uncontrollable actions, reactions and chain reactions of thoughts, beliefs, memories and emotions that can feel chaotic, painful, violent, unbearable, depressing- and often inflicts much damage in its wake.

Coaching tools are -for an absolute want of a better expression- like some antigravitational spacecraft that allow coach and coachee to enter the hurricane unaffected and thus to take a closer look and examine: What EXACTLY is going on? As we bring conscious observation and fearless self-inquiry to deeply unconscious patterns and connections the hurricane slowly begins to quieten.

Yet quite often the conscious mind (of coachee and coach) meets its limits. This is when simple eye movement/bilateral brain hemisphere stimulation (Wingwave/EMDR coaching) can act like some archaeological tool that senses, locates and suddenly 'spits out' hidden key pieces from the darkest and deepest recesses of the unconscious mind. Once these 'keys' are fully recovered/discovered and reprocessed it is like watching a chain reaction of cascading and unravelling knots. It is nothing short of magical.

When this happens it literally feels like being chucked from the violence of the hurricane into the silent eye of the storm: suddenly the sky is clear, blue and limitless. The rays of the sun are warm.

There's a profound sense of relief, liberation - and joy.

To me, coaching is like alchemy - as I too emerge feeling 'liberated' - having reached, witnessed and touched the deepest level of our beings:

the profound peace, serene clarity and joy that are always already there and that are always present and available *UNDERNEATH* OUR THINKING.

Cutting through the illusionary veil of thought and the drama of our own existence life reveals itself in, and we return to, its sheer and blissful simplicity.

From THERE we can build lives that are truly authentic, real, inspired and powerful.

From there you can create a story that is truly yours - and NOT society's, NOT your parent's, and one that is NOT muddled and weakened by fears, irrational limiting beliefs and past memories - but instead one that expresses YOU from this pure unadulterated clarity and freedom at your core.

This is accessible and available to each one of us - no matter what lies behind us/what lies behind YOU. Time here has no relevance.

"Unless and until you make the unconscious conscious it will run your life and you will call it fate." -C.G.Jung

Everything else is a shadow fight.

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