I feel happiest in the zone that lies beyond the boundary of my current thinking, conditionings, knowledge, and 'map of the world, and outside of the routines and habits of my everyday life - where life is utterly fresh, as-yet-unknown, wild, about to be discovered and created and full of potential and new possibilities. I struggle when life becomes predictable.


I get inspired and fired up by what is impossible. I love radical thinking and working with heart-driven, passionate & creative people; people who are mad enough to think that they can change the world - people who, as Rumi puts it, 'are thirsty for the sea'.

Life to me is an adventure. Or rather: when it is an adventure, then it is alive. Art, travel, learning about science and philosophy, meditation, teaching, and coaching -enabling others to lean fully into their fears and potential- are areas in life and activities that create my oxygen and give me a deep sense of meaning. My work as an artist can be seen here: .

My love for change, adventure, and the unknown has led me to travel, work and live in many different countries and on different continents, including two life-changing years in Kathmandu/Nepal that have left a deep imprint on my soul. They have become my measure of just how alive life can be.

I am the mother of two teenage sons. We have shared many unforgettable adventures - such as trekking in some of the remotest regions in the Himalayas, driving across Tanzania and Malawi in -and sleeping on top of- land rovers, and travelling in an American RV across southern Europe for nine months.


I am currently based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

One : One Coaching 


As a coach, I have facilitated and accelerated the personal, creative and professional development of people from an extremely wide range of backgrounds. I have worked with high-achieving individuals in the creative and fashion industries -fashion designers, composers, artists- as well as managers, CEO's, social entrepreneurs, coaches, nurses, teachers and many others.

I have helped kickstart and develop outstanding careers, stand out and succeed in competitive/application processes, identify and sharpen their mission, create a sustainable work-life balance, become more authentic and happy within, able to inspire others to unite around their meaningful goals etc. 


I have successfully supported people through challenging life transitions and emotional states, such as a loss of will to live, depression, PTSD, anxiety, panic attacks, grief and burnout. I assist people in making profound internal shifts that quickly rekindle hope and reconnect them to their own creative power.


Teaching & Mentoring


I have worked as a guest lecturer at the University of Art Berlin, where I was in charge of the teaching programme for first-year art students.

I mentor and coach artists -and art students- to withstand the pressures and constraints of today's highly standardised and standardising art and culture industry, and support them in being fearless, self-determined and radical in their approach, find their unique artistic identity and measure their own work against the greatest achievements in the history of art - with the aim to create works that are a meaningful contribution to our collective culture and worth being passed on to future generations.

I have a special interest in and passion for the development of innovative educational methods which nourish and enable people to be fearless, autonomous, unmanipulatable, and fully self-determined in their decision-making processes.

I am the co-founder of, a not-for-profit organisation concerned with updating art education to 21-st century challenges and potential.

Group Coaching 


In collaboration with a Scottish charity, I ran a 9-month personal development/photography programme with women with extremely difficult/traumatic life stories, drug, alcohol and crime issues. This programme included a one-week wilderness experience which was run by the charity. In weekly meetings, I created a safe space that allowed the women to relax, have fun and also be vulnerable, connect deeply, and share and process traumatic memories. Below the surface of our vastly diverse life experiences and backgrounds, we touched deep common ground. Over time, each woman's dignity, beauty, talents and strength came to light, and as they felt heard, supported and seen in that light, their self-perception changed. They began to feel happier within and thus started to make positive life choices -  they furthered their education, got back driving licences, found employment, built healthy relationships and families and began to live balanced lives free from crime.

Together we created a movie-like presentation with quotes from our conversations and the photographs they had taken which documented their lives and their positive development over the course of the programme. The extraordinary power of the presentation and the success of this project was acknowledged by the Scottish Parliament where an event was specifically hosted to present this movie to an invited audience of MP's, journalists and professionals in the criminal justice system. Each of the women spoke in parliament about the life-changing impact of this project. This event impacted on the debate about women's needs in the criminal justice system.

I do not believe in just taking people from A to B. I am interested in assisting you in changing the alphabet and developing your own rules and grammar. And I do not think anybody has ever been inspired by mediocre goals. 

Our world is what we think it is and exceptional things happen when and because we presuppose their existence, when and because we believe in, and exclusively filter for, the exceptional in ourselves and in each other. 

It is already there, at the core, deep inside each one of us. I enable you to connect with it and remove any internal obstacles that may be obstructing its power. In my experience, exponential growth and success is then a natural consequence.


I have an MA in Fine Art and am a certified Life Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, and Wingwave/EMDR Coach. I am a member of the Wingwave Quality Circle of the Besser-Siegmund Institute in Hamburg, Germany.