Life to me is an adventure; there are actually not many areas in life that I am not interested in and my days are generally 24 hrs too short. I always need to know -not only 'Why?', but especially 'How?' I love change and the unknown, have travelled extensively and worked & lived in many different countries and continents, out of which two years in Kathmandu Nepal ave touched me most. 


I am the mother of two teenage sons with whom I have shared many unforgettable adventures - such as living in Nepal and trekking in some of the remotest regions in the Himalayas, driving across Tanzania and Malawi in (and sleeping on top of) land rovers and travelling in an American RV across southern Europe for nine months. Living in -and adapting to- so many different cultures and raising my children in some of them has hugely enriched and expanded my worldview.


I meditate, practise Iyengar Yoga and love to read, learn, think and write. When not coaching I work as an artist and explore questions on the interface between art, science and philosophy in wood. I am currently based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

In 2018 my life underwent what in tarot is called a 'tower moment' - my world was turned upside down and my map of the world collapsed. The sense of pain, disorientation and darkness was beyond profound - and my overwhelmed brain literally got stuck like a broken record. My recovery was a journey of self-discovery. The insights I had I regard as some of my most precious possessions. The depth of the inner peace and freedom I feel today was borne out of that darkness.


Coaching to me is alchemy. Something magical happens when two people get together in a room for a coaching session - deep shifts in awareness, thinking and feeling that cannot be explained with just the coaching methods used. A person walks in one state and walks out in a completely different one. Profound mindshifts It cannot be explained just by the coaching methods used.



I have facilitated and accelerated the personal, creative/emotional/intellectual and professional development of people from a wide range of backgrounds. I have worked with managers, teachers, nurses working in intensive care, students and -in response to the Covid pandemic- children and their families suffering from anxiety and emotional stress. I have enabled artists, intellectuals, writers, fashion designers to overcome creative blocks, crystallise their unique creative identity, unfold their creative potential, create outstanding portfolios and have helped them kickstart and develop extraordinarily successful careers.


I have worked with international social impact organisations and supported their strategic and creative content development. In partnership with Venture Trust, a charity using wilderness journeys as a vehicle for personal development, I ran an intensive 9-month 'Women in Focus' coaching workshop with women with extremely painful histories and drug, alcohol & crime issues. Using photography as a vehicle for the coaching process, this workshop enabled the women to transform their lives, process and detach from the past, discover their strength and talents, identify and pursue goals, make positive life-choices and find employment. The extraordinary success of this project was recognised by and culminated in an event at the Scottish Parliament where the women presented a movie-like slide show which documented their life stories and the process of their personal growth and recovery over the course of this project. Each one of the women spoke of their experience at the Scottish Parliament in front of MP's. This event impacted on the political debate about criminal justice for women. 


No matter how difficult or how elevated/sophisticated an individual's starting point may be, it is my talent, mission and passion to take each person on a 'maximum journey' - to not only enable a person to stretch and reach far beyond what s/he believes and imagines to be possible. Working with me people unfold potential they did not know they had and discover and reach goals that at the beginning of their coaching journey were completely beyond & outside of their conscious imagination - yet already existed as a seed within. I thrive on the experience of helping others to live heart-driven, joyful and meaningful lives.

have an MA in Fine Art and taught at the University of Art Berlin where I first discovered my love of teaching and my ability to inspire and enable others to unfold their full potential. I am a certified Life Coach and passionate Neuro Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner and Wingwave Coach and member of the Wingwave Quality Circle of the Besser-Siegmund Institute in Hamburg, Germany.

I have a special interest in and passion for the development of innovative educational methods which nourish and enable people to be fearless, autonomous, unmanipulatable and fully self-determined in their decision-making processes.


I am the co-founder of, a not-for-profit organisation concerned with updating art education to 21st-century circumstances and potential.


People who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.

Steve Jobs