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Not living your passion and in alignment with what is in your heart can be deeply exhausting, if not damaging. Working with me you will (re-)connect deeply with what is in your heart when making that the compass for your decision-making, your talents, natural self-confidence and creative power are unlocked, invigorate you from the inside, making life feel meaningful.

What is it that makes your heart beat faster?


Often our best ideas, our dreams, passion, creative talents and unique potential get stuck in the twilight zone between feeling and fact, between vague hunch and clear idea, between desire and action, dream and doubt, or between a challenge and positive change. 

I step into that twilight zone with you - and help you to turn vague notions into clear ideas, translate a hunch or unformed thoughts into the realm of language and communicable facts, take concrete steps towards your (as yet) unlived dreams and unique vision, overcome hurdles, and identify & reach ambitious and meaningful personal/professional goals.



creating the foundation for wellbeing, peak performance & success 

One of the most powerful tools in my toolbox is Wingwave® - a groundbreaking neurological coaching method which was developed in Germany a little over 20 years ago and is now reaching the UK. Wingwave combines EMDR (bilateral brain hemisphere stimulation by mimicking rapid eye movement during sleep), NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and myostatic testing (a simple muscle test in your hand).  

This unique process allows your unconscious mind and your body to take the lead in the coaching process (instead of the conscious mind or the coach). Myostatic testing pinpoints with unparalleled precision specific unconscious mental stressors (such as memories, thought patterns & the exact origin of negative self-beliefs) that may disrupt, irritate or block your mental/emotional balance and ability to perform - which otherwise could not be identified and accessed. Eye-movement/bilateral hemisphere stimulation then disrupts the brain's habitual thought processes/neurogical pathways and thus enables and stimulates the brain to re-process and release those stressors. 


Wingwave is extraordinarily powerful at​ helping you to overcome non-resourceful/negative emotional states such as: stress, anger, anxiety, worry, corona anxiety, trauma, depression, panic attacks, burnout, self-loathing/lack of confidence, negative self-limiting beliefs, lack of direction/inspiration, past emotional or physical injuries or memories that still negatively impact on your wellbeing & performance, insomnia, overeating, emotional numbness, setbacks on the way to achieving a goal, stage fright, performance anxiety, etc.

Wingwave® is an internationally recognised breakthrough technique. Its effectiveness has been scientifically tested and approved by the University of Hamburg, the Hannover Medical School and German Sport University Cologne.

Performance-inhibiting and deeply self-sabotaging unconscious thought patterns, habits and/or self-beliefs such as 'I am worthless/powerless', 'I am not enough' etc. are in this process released and transformed into powerful resource beliefs: 'I can do this', 'I am capable', 'I ...'. which are anchored on a neurological level. 


The effect of Wingwave is a profound & long-lasting positive reprogramming of thought patterns and beliefs on an unconscious level. 

Often experienced as profoundly liberating, Wingwave creates an optimal state of inner clarity and calm and thus the foundation for success in your external life.

Wingwave restores your emotional and mental balance and wellbeing, quickly reinstates hope and a sense of inner calm & peace and increases your mental clarity and creativity. It brings to light & reinforces your unique talents, qualities and strengths, unlocks your dormant potential enables you to perform at the peak of your ability.


Winwgave removes underlying emotional/psychological stressors that may have undermined your wellbeing, happiness and success for long periods if not decades. It can also help to identify whether psychological disturbances underlie a physical illness and remove those stressors. 



"If your life were a book how would you like your story to go ?"

Landing on the moon was once a completely absurd fantasy - until some people made it happen. The greatest achievements never start with facts - they always first emerge in our imagination, pushing into the unknown, never defeated but inspired and spurred on by an apparent impossibility. 


Our ideal future is only impossible for as long as we think it is. We are the authors of our own story - we can take charge of the narrative, invent the next chapter and then work out the steps that will get us there. This is true even, or especially, when faced with a limitation, obstacle, crisis or apparent dead end in life - they are actually an exciting border, the point where the factual ends and where our creative imagination begins. I help you free your creative imagination from apparent facts and impossibilities, embrace the challenge, dare to invent, imagine, choose and focus on the goals and manifest the future you imagine. 

I am an expert at what I do. I show up to each session with my whole authentic self: my heart, joy, wisdom, fine-tuned attention and intuition, intellectual acuity, adventurous spirit, playfulness, laughter, honesty, passion, compassion and kindness. 

As a certified Life Coach, NLP Master Practitioner and Wingwave Coach my toolbox as a coach is filled with powerful and cutting-edge coaching methods & knowledge. Yet my deep understanding of the heart/body/brain/soul connection -and the nature and source of mental/emotional strength, pain, calm and joy - is also deeply founded in my own rich life experience. I know 'light' -and how to find it- also because I have experienced 'the dark'.

In my experience, the deep insights and shifts in the state of awareness and being that can happen in a coaching session cannot be explained by the methods used and the factual knowledge alone.


To me, coaching is akin to alchemy - it has a magical quality. A change of substance that is achieved through close and refined attention, making everyone involved (including me as a coach) feel more alive and aligned, and in touch with our higher purpose and core state of wholeness - and joy. It is the power of this core state that I am focussed on and work from and towards. 


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You can make it much more meaning-, joy- and powerful, develop your creative ideas, clarify and manifest your mission, vision and then take concrete steps towards your (as yet) unlived dreams and reach your personal & professional goals.

You can go further. I enable you to get there.


Working with me you will learn to be at ease -and at peace- with yourself. 

I enable you to discover and experience that there is place of calm, strength and joy within you that is completely independent of and untouched by external or past/future events. You can tap into it and you can root yourself there - now, later, at any time.That is where your true power lies. I enable you to connect deeply to it and live your life from that place. Don't worry if you think you do not know how to get there - I will show you how.  

Problems, anxiety, habitual thought, external events, ideas, self-sabotaging beliefs, negative emotions, painful memories, traumas and so on - they are all layers. I enable you to drop them/peel them back one by one - revealing the calm & joyful foundation within. It is empowering and liberating when that happens. 


And when you do drop them, everything becomes alive and clear.

Then your full creativity and potential can unfold.

You will be listened to deeply.

Think of Deep Coaching/working with as a deep internal spring clean - it removes & enable you to let go of what no longer serves you and holds you back, uncovers blind spots, enables you to see more clearly, expands your imagination and 'map of the world' and discover new possibilities & pathways. An adventure and exciting journey of self-discovery that will allow you to have profound life-changing insights, access your inner wisdom and intuition and make profound positive changes on the deepest unconscious level. All of your answers already lie within you; you are much more powerful than you know. 


The changes and expansion in your internal world will find their direct expression in your external world. Rooted to your core within, your connections with others can become clearer and deeper, greater energy levels, joy your ideas crystalise and your vision, mission and goals in your professional life, You learn to your inspiration and you identify and take concrete steps, towards ambitious goals further, increasing your positive circle of influence. your life feel much more alive, playful, interesting, meaningful and authentic.

You can go further. I enable you to get there. 

From the Inside out

Creating the Life you really want