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The Fourth Industrial Revolution has dramatically transformed our world.


Whilst it has opened up vast new potential it has also brought much disruption and turmoil; in its wake unprecedented levels of uncertainty, complexity, volatility, and constant fast-paced & unpredictable change and existential challenges have become our new normal.

Yet we meet this new world with brains that are not too dissimilar from those of our palaeolithic ancestors living in caves. They still incessantly trigger our bodies' now completely obsolete and inadequate fight/flight/freeze stress reactions.

Today, these reactions not only fail to keep us safe but make us ill. They weaken us in exactly those moments when we need our mental clarity and creativity most.

Traditional coping strategies such as working longer, harder and faster fail in this new environment. Traditional education systems fail to teach adequate new coping strategies and change capabilities.

This situation has created a global mental health crisis that is causing suffering and financial losses on an unprecedented scale.*

It is high time for a '4THSolution' to the mental health challenges in the 4th Industrial Revolution.

*The cost due to staff absences, presenteeism and high staff turnover caused by poor mental health for UK employers alone is a staggering £56bn annually

Stress-related mental health issues are now thought to be responsible for almost half (!) of working days lost in Britain.  


workshops & Coaching for LEADERS & TEAMS

for Mental Health, wellbeing, resilience & success in a turbulent world


4THSolution Workshops equip your workforce with essential new mind mastery skills & change capabilities that protect their mental health and wellbeing, build resilience and unlock the full potential, passion & creative power of leaders and teams in today's increasingly stressful, fast-changing and uncertain world of work.

Peak Performance Coaching for leaders & individual team members ensures that each person in your organisation is in an optimal mental & emotional state.

we make sure your people -and your business- do not just survive but thrive

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Participants learn essential self-care strategies and change capabilities that protect their mental health, build resilience, and increase their capacity to perform at the peak of their abilities.

4THSolution Mind Mastery Skills draw on a wide range of knowledge and disciplines - ranging from cutting-edge neuroscience and Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) to elements of EMDR coaching as well as timeless meditative and mindful practices. 


4THSolution Mind Mastery Skills create the mental habits that success requires. They

  • substantially reduce the amount of time & energy that is 'leaked' in negative/productivity-decreasing emotional states such as stress, anger and anxiety 

  • increase mental clarity, creativity & productivity and the amount of time & energy that thus become available for the proactive development of new ideas, options and solutions 

  • build stress resilience 

  • prevent burnout

  • reduce conflict 

  • increase empathy & emotional intelligence skills

  • increase self-management/self-mastery - the ability to choose a response instead of automatically acting out stress reactions/the ability to act from a place of emotional and mental freedom, calm & clarity even in stressful situations 

  • enable a person to make self-empowering mind shifts - from being problem-focused to potential-focused, from being passive/reactive to being proactive

  • cultivate a resourceful can-do mindset and positive outlook

  • increase self-knowledge - the ability to detect, question, and overcome unconscious & irrational self-limiting beliefs that hamper progress 

  • increase emotional & mental agility and the ability to embrace change and be lifelong learners

  • increase motivation and enthusiasm by inspiring participants to develop and work towards an inspiring vision of collective wellbeing in a sustainable economy and future 

Because learning goes deeper when it is enjoyable all workshops are interactive, immersive and fun.

4TH Solution Mind Mastery Skills have a positive impact on a person's professional and personal life.

4TH Solution


"The key to mastering the challenges -and to the potential- in today's world

lies in the mastery of our own mind."


I offer pinpointed transformational Wingwave®/EMDR sessions to leaders and individual team members, ensuring that each individual in your organisation is in an optimal state of mental and emotional calm, clarity and resourcefulness.

Wingwave/EMDR coaching facilitates rapid transformation by removing unconscious emotional and mental barriers to personal & professional development, learning, peak performance and success.

Even just 1-3 sessions can fundamentally change and restore a person's sense of wellbeing and un(b)lock dormant potential. Wingwave/EMDR is extremely effective in scenarios such as

  • fear of public speaking/performance anxiety

  • stress, anxiety, panic attacks, anger, PTSD, over-worrying

  • burnout

  • and similar.


Screenshot 2022-02-23 at 13.57.21.png

"Human beings are not a problem to be solved but potential waiting to unfold."


4TH Solution Workshops & Coaching help to create A CULTURE OF WELLBEING,

boost productivity and reduce the cost caused by mental health-related staff absences, absenteeism and staff turnover.

4TH Solution Workshops & Coaching increase your employee retention rateenhance your organisation's attractiveness and contribute to a positive work environment in which people do not just survive but thrive.

Get in touch to find out more - send an email to


For a fundamental paradigm shift

Away from the depletion of PEOPLE AND Nature 

towards a new, wholesome & balanced world in which 

HUMAN AND NaTURAL resources are respected, nourished & restored

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