REtreat & coaching intensive in AUTUMN 2021 IN ST. IVES/CORNWALL




NaturE, Nurture + new skills for a New age


Are you

  • feeling stressed, exhausted, depleted?

  • firing on all cylinders all the time but feel that you are about to run out of steam? Struggling to create a sustainable work-life balance?

  • feeling stuck, confused, unable to find the way forward?

  • a high-achiever, playing a big game but feel like an impostor?


  • know deep down that you have so much more to give & that there is so much more you could achieve but you don't seem to be able to create the life you really want.

  • have a voice in the back of your mind that holds you back by telling you that you're not enough/not loveable/powerless/unsafe - or similar.

  • may experience anxiety, anger, panic attacks and/or struggle with challenging memories that are impacting negatively on your wellbeing and performance.

  • want to -or need to- recharge your batteries.

  • may have everything but feel empty inside - 'There's gotta be more to life than this.'

  • want to find -or sharpen- your purpose, mission and vision.

  • want to make a greater positive impact on the world.

If some of this sounds like you - get in touch! I warmly invite you to join me in this transformational Inner Peace & Power Coaching Retreat combining the restorative power of Nature, Nurture and New Skills For a New Age.


Spaces are limited to three people per week. Write to me to connect and secure your spot. Send an email to

week one 27.11. - 04.12.21

week two 04.12. - 11.12.21

View and/or download the PDf for more detailed information.

This is a unique opportunity to spend a transformational week with like-minded individuals, exploring answers to your big questions in life and -with my expert support- have profound insights & make significant mind shifts that will help to unlock your full potential and enable you to create the life you really want.


Immerse yourself in breathtaking nature, take stock, reflect and recharge your batteries on a deep level. Experience profound positive transformation in fun and exciting coaching conversations that will enable you to let go of mental and emotional baggage, overcome self-limiting beliefs and emotions, restore your emotional balance and increase your mental clarity. We will look at all aspects of your life - your values, beliefs, attitude, your talents, dreams, desires, and how you show up in life. Our conversations will open up fresh perspectives, and enable you to dig deeper into your true potential, discover new options and pathways that lie beyond your current thinking, reconnect you with your passion, and help you to find or sharpen your purpose, mission, vision and sense of direction.

Based right on the stunning Porthmeor Beach in St. Ives, we will wake up to the sound of waves, explore the famous South West Coastal Path and many vast white sandy beaches, have lots of fun together, and enjoy exquisite three-course meals prepared by our in-house chef and in some of the region's finest restaurants. We will strengthen and connect with our bodies in Iyengar Yoga sessions and find stillness and calm in early morning meditations.

In fund and informal group sessions you will learn cutting-edge mind mastery skills & strategies and learn to tap into timeless resources which will increase your resilience and nourish, restore and protect your mental & emotional health & wellbeing in today's increasingly stressful, fast-changing and uncertain world.


You will return recharged, connected and with a clear sense of direction - ready to unleash your power. Join me! This week will have a far-reaching positive impact going way beyond our time together.

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spaces are limited.


Contact me to secure your Spot.

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