"shake off the chains that shackle the soul" - I.Stravinsky



Camino de Santiago de Compostela / cornwall / edinburgh

Combining the healing power of nature & nUrture


Walking the Camino de Santiago in France/Spain

3 weeks

It is possible to change the length of each journey according to your personal circumstances and needs. On completion of each journey, I offer ongoing online support over a period of 6 months.

This is an intensive coaching adventure and powerful catalyst for profound personal development and growth, walking the Camino de Santiago de Compostela along the stunning Portuguese and/or Spanish coast in August/September 2021. Also known also as 'The Way of St James', the Camino has been walked by pilgrims for over a thousand years and offers a powerful backdrop for your unique personal journey and quest for inner peace, joy, clarity and direction.

This is a  life-changing adventure and unique opportunity for one person to have my expert support and full attention for three weeks, shining a light on all aspects of and nourishing & restoring your inner world. Daily Deep/Wingwave coaching sessions, conversations, silences, and meditations will enable you to have deep insights and positive shifts in your consciousness and outlook and create a powerful, positive, and long-lasting mental and emotional reset on the deepest unconscious level. A cathartic journey deep into your own self, supported by the beauty of the changing environment and the healing power of Nature, by walking itself/putting one foot in front of the other -regarded as a natural form of 'EMDR'/bilateral brain hemisphere stimulation-, and also the joy, adventure, camaraderie and fun on the Camino that will recharge your body, soul and mind on a deep level. I will enable you to

  • drop emotional and mental baggage 

  • let go of tension, anger, negative emotional states, self-limiting beliefs and the pain of difficult memories 

  • find acceptance, reintegration, healing, inner clarity and a sense of inner peace

  • reconnect with your core, heart, inspiration & passion and the thrill and joy of being alive

  • bring to the surface qualities & ideas that may have been lying dormant deep inside your heart

  • develop your ideas, vision, and mission for your personal and professional life

  • create a concrete plan for the path ahead


The joy of journeying is all about leaning into the unknown, tuning in deeply to what your inner compass directs, and experiencing the freshness and acute 'now-ness' that comes from not knowing what lies ahead and the thrill of daily new discoveries. Accommodation - a mix of auberges and hotels- is booked a day in advance or found on the day which offers great freedom over the pace of the journey and also creates the opportunity to surrender, trust and drop into the uncertainty of life and experience & discover that 'the Camino will provide'.

Only one thing is already absolutely certain: that at the end of this journey, you will be very different from the person you were when you started.

This is a unique opportunity to create and experience something truly life-affirming, life-changing and extraordinary. Life is short. Let's make something exceptional happen. Take the first step: contact me - send an email to


I am weak.

Dance, when you're broken open. Dance, if you've torn the bandage off. Dance in the middle of the fighting. Dance in your blood. Dance when you're perfectly free.



I am worthless.

I am useless. 

I am guilty.

I am stupid.

I am powerless.

I am not enough.

I am unsafe.

I am uneducated.

I am too much.

I am too thin.

I am hopeless.

I am a bad person.

I am ugly.

I am always unlucky.

I am fat.

I am never good enough.

I am a looser.

I deserve only bad things.

I am a fraud.

I'm an impostor.

I am different.

I am insignificant.

I am a shameful.

I don't belong.

I can't trust anyone.

I am a toxic.

I am in danger.

Showing my feelings is unsafe.

I'm lost.

I am hopeless with money.

I am permanently damaged.

I am bad.




I have to please others.

I'll never make it.

I'm broken.

I cannot be trusted.

Nobody can help me.

I am not an academic.

Nobody loves me.

Everybody else is so much better than me.

I cannot trust myself.

I cannot let it out.

I am nothing.

I am never good enough.

I am a disappointment.

I deserve to be miserable.

I have to hide my feelings.


Combining daily Deep/Wingwave Coaching sessions with walks in Nature in Edinburgh and on some of it's beautiful surrounding beaches and hills, and a guided city tour, this is an intensive powerful software update on the deepest unconscious level.

INTensive deep dive & reset

Coaching Intensive

Edinburgh City & Coast

6 days


The Camino, walked by pilgrims for over a thousand years, is the powerful backdrop for your personal quest for inner clarity, peace, strength and direction. With my full support and  Wingwave/Deep Coaching sessions A cathartic and life-changing journey and unique opportunity to take stock of your life

Camino Portugues

from Porto to Santiago de Compostella

Starting in the UNESCO-listed city of Porto, the Camino Portugues is a stunning coastal route that runs partly along the Atlantic Ocean and sandy beaches of Northern Portugal and through charming seaside towns and fishing villages - among them, Viana do Castelo and Vila Praia de Ancora before crossing the River Minho by ferry to A Guarda in Galicia. Once in Galicia, we will be walking in the heart of the Rías Baixas, the lower bays, home of the famous Albariño white wine. From Baiona to Vigo you get wonderful views of the bay and the Cies Islands. In Redondela, heading inland, we join the classic Camino Portugues trail and meet many other pilgrims on their way to Santiago.

Can be walked any time between March-September. 

total length: 230km


3-Week Coaching Intensive

COST £11.500

Camino del Norte

from San Sebastián to Santander

The Camino del Norte runs along the beautiful northern coast of Spain, through historic towns and villages, along stunning beaches, rias (fjords) and wetlands full of birdlife. Starting in San Sebastián in the Basque Country, we walk through Cantabria and the Asturias and Ribadeo in Galicia. From Ribadeo, the Northern Camino heads inland, taking pilgrims across the forests and farmlands of rural Galicia. We will pass through the old town in Bilbao, where we can visit the Guggenheim Museum and taste delicious ‘pintxos’ before heading West towards Santander following the coast. The North Coast in Spain is renowned for its cuisine so you can expect this to also be an unforgettable culinary journey. This route is best walked in July/August as during the summer months it receives less rain.

total length: 260km


3-Week coaching Intensive

COST £11.500


6-day coaching intensive / EDINBURGH CITY & COAST