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Here is my challenge to you (and I set myself this same challenge every day):

Your happiness does NOT depend on your external world.


Happiness is a state that comes from or is within. I do think that it is our natural state - I somehow believe, but admittedly cannot prove, that we are born happy. Then life happens. And slowly but sadly almost surely it gets covered /hidden under layers and layers of experience and our self-beliefs are formed accordingly. until we think that it's irreparably damaged, irretrievably lost or that we never ever had it in the first place. Identity is what we do and think over and over again.Identity is also...

My coaching and workshops are first of all about recognisning the mechanisms that allow those layers to build up, to cloud our vision and to drown our optimism and hope and drain our energy. Inmycoaching session we peel back and dissolve or weakend the layer.


By learning to manage our own mind we attain crystal clear menatl and emotional power and it is exactly that kind of full power which we that we need today for the development of solutions to our external factual, practical rpoblems.

It takes courage -and discipline- to say  'I am happy' in the face of and despite problems.

This time now, in the midst of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and in the middle of a global pandemic, is NOT a time for burying our heads in the sand.  we cannot afford to be anxious and paralysed in the face of today's many and existential global and personal challeneges.


and about giving you the tools not to.

At a moment in time when you just lost your job or is NOT the right time to give in to anxiety, fear​ and feeling paralysed. You need to have ideas and create solutions.


This is a time for rolled-up sleeves, for stoic  bright-eyed optimism and a resolute can-do attitude. Our children need to see our razor-sharp positive resolve and optimis in their parents when they get up in the morning, our customers need to see this this resolve ,


In order to find solutions to a problem we need to look it in the eye and not bury our head in the sand. I am here to help you and your teams to do just that.


ned to look  climate cahnge in the eye if we want to find solution.

This is also a time for strengthened collaboration, for generosity and strengthened community spirit. This is a time for giving, for building and expanding our own positive circle of influence.

And when inevitabley we get into the stressed and anxious state there are ways out. I feel passionate about helping others to discover those ways, and to learn the methods to doso. When indivudla coaching session to liberate you and propel you forward. 

We also think it's impossible and completely unjustified to feel happy in the face of the many serious, complex, scary and existential challenges we face today. How can we be happy when we just lost our job, a relationship or have broken a leg? Face a global pandemic and an existential climate crisis? Its almost as if we feel compelled to be unhappy in the face of all this, as if owe those challenges our happiness. But - do we really ?


What would happen if more and more people would be happy and light at their core, irrespective of their circumstances? What kind of company would they build, what kind of product would they design? What kind of relationship would they have? What kind of parent would they be? What kind of wife or husband? 

We HAVE problems, jobs, relationships, things, cars and so on. But happiness is about being, not having. Or if anything it is about the fundamental relationship we have with our Self.

On the one side, there are non-negotiable FACTS in our external reality that is outside of our control. The climate is what it is now. The pandemic is what it is.But HOW WE RESPND to thise facts detrmines how we ar and ahow we feel. This response is within our contraol an dthe parts that are autoatic we can tackle in wingwave. Mind mastery enables us to not exhaust your powers in a futile and draining emotional and mental struggle with and against those FACTS but instead focus all of your powers on problem-solving and a new vission.


It enables you to recover from set-backs much more quickly. It enables you to look for and then discover the positive consequences of a negative event. It allows you to understand that finding positive outcomes of any event is a choice that we can make and that that choice and yourmindset will determine the speed and depth of your recovery and progress and the impact of your choices.


Lets turn this boat around and buidla better eternalworld by first of oall buolding a btter happier internalenvrinmant.


I believe with a passion that the roots of AND the solutions to our external problems lie within.

It is a hnour to be able to be part  of 


with and peeling back the layers of 


and  This is at the core and the essence of my personal learning, my coaching and my workshops. I can help you to re-connect with it and it the point of view and anchor that positive feeling at the core of your being and inform everything you do. 


Losing our happiness and balance is part an dparcel of thehuman codition. I think it is like an old lady who keeps misplacing her spectacles only to rediscover them after long searches on top of her head "Ahhh! Would you believe it!? THERE they are!"...  Happiness is like that - it is always RIGHT THERE, we just don't remember it.


Once trigger emotional and physical stress reactions - the primordial programme in our brain fight/flight/freeze responses designed to ensure our physical safety in case of an attack by a wild animal.

We spend huge amounts of time on negative emotions and 


 At the end of the day what it all comes down to is happiness. Happiness is freedom-from. I place of calm. Havingness.

would like to invite you to stop for a moment and ask yourself what your life and work would look and feel like if the time and energy that your currently spend on negative emotions -anxieties, internal stress, anger, worry- as well as negative self-limiting beliefs and/or the pain of difficult memories- if all or most of that time and energy would became available for the development of solutions of your practical problems? If the answer 

We simply cannot thinkThe bigger the practical challenges in your life and work, the more important it is that your mental and emotional state is one of calm and focus.

Bills need to be paid, deadlines met, relationships maintained, work-life balances juggled and so on.


In order to face and master the manifold challenges in our private lives as well as existential global challenges in today's world we need extraordinary emotional and mental balance, clarity, resilience.



Life in the 21st century hold much potential but it can also be incredibly tough.

We need all of our energy, optimism, mental and emotional clarity and strength for the development of solutions of the many challenges we face.



Instead, they enable us to embrace change and focus these powers exclusively on the development of positive new pathways, ideas and solutions. invite you to take a moment to ask yourself how much of time and energy is spent in your private and working life on

anxieties, worries, anger, internal stress, negative self-beliefs or painful memories?



something wonderful is happening in the midst of the many challngestriggered by teh 4thREv - whilst over the course of teh 20th century the 3rd industr rev led to an increasing standardisation of human nature the 4th revolution, vby replacing autmatic routine based worka nd turns the focus back on our uniqyely human skills on whta makes us human and on what the need for a envrinamnet .

what your work/your team/company would

a reluctance to embrace change -and challenge- and to develop our own new designs,

 detachment from/letting go of the old -relationships, things, jobs, ideas etc. as well as obsolete paradigms and mindsets- is key to new development, growth and the unfolding of new potential. We also urgently need a radical and fundamental 'reset' of our paradigms and mindsets as solutions to today's existential problems simply cannot be found with the same mindset that created them.  

I look forward to enabling individuals and teams to develop strong change capabilities and the emotional & mental agility, resilience, inner resourcefulness and creativity which are absolutely crucial for our wellbeing & success -if not survival- in this 4th Industrial Revolution. 


Equipped with these capabilities -

As an aspiring 'change master' myself, with a deep and life-long love of learning, adventure, teaching and personal development, I feel passionate about inspiring and enabling you to become the most resilient, positive, proactive, energetic, resourceful, self-determined, free, creative and happy!- best version of yourself. I thrive on the experience of helping you to discover and unfold potential that you perhaps did not know you had. 

​I believe wholeheartedly in cheering each other on in our effort to be 'better' and to build a better world. I look forward to growing my own positive circle of influence by enabling you -and your company- to grow yours.

Milena Barton


cannot step 








nothing permanent

except change.


My work as a coach is underpinned and inspired by my professional development as much as by my rich life experience. As a coach I have facilitated and accelerated the personal, creative and professional development of people from a wide range of backgrounds - students, artists, fashion designers, women with extremely difficult life stories, drug, alcohol and crime issues- and have supported the strategic and content development of social impact organisations. I have an MA in Fine Art and have taught at the University of Art Berlin where I first discovered my love of teaching and my ability to inspire and enable others to unfold their full potential.


I am a certified Wingwave Coach and member of the Wingwave Quality Circle of the Besser-Siegmund Institute in Hamburg, Germany.


My passion for change, adventure and the unknown has led me to live in many different countries - among them Israel, Nepal, Afrika, Sri Lanka, Germany, Spain and in the UK in Cornwall, Summerset and Applecross on the West Coast of Scotland. I am the mother of two teenage sons with whom I have shared many unforgettable adventures - such as living in Kathmandu/Nepal and trekking in some of the remotest regions in the Himalayas, driving across Tanzania and Malawi in (and sleeping on top of) land rovers and travelling in an American RV across southern Europe for nine months. Living in -and adapting to- so many different cultures and raising my children in some of them has hugely enriched and expanded my worldview and deepened my own change capabilities. 


When not coaching I work as an artist. I practise Iyengar Yoga, meditate, and love to read, learn, think and write, contemplating some of life's deeper questions. I am currently based in Edinburgh.

I have a special interest in and passion for the development of innovative educational methods which nourish and enable people to be fearless, autonomous, unmanipulatable and fully self-determined in their decision-making processes. I am the co-founder of, a not-for-profit organisation concerned with updating art education to 21st-century circumstances and potential.