transformative coaching intensives


CAmino Santiago de Compostella

"throw off the chains that shackle the soul"


- Igor Stravinsky


"and you-when will you begin that long journey into your own self?"


Soul Journeys 

  • Camino de Santiago de Compostella, 3 weeks in June/August or September/October

  • Lo Manthang Mustang, Nepal in 3 weeks in May

  • Edinburgh 1 week, various dates

Camino de Santiago de Compostella, 3 weeks in June/August or September/October


This is a three-week coaching intensive that is literally life-changing. You will have my full attention and I will coach you for three weeks.


Whatever may be in your emotional and mental rucksack at the beginning of the journey -


or teh desire to bring calrity into a creative busness idea


it will be lighter, clearer and feel happier  Finding acceptance, exploring peace If you are looking for deep inner transformation, g 

You will feel lighter, connected with yourself, alive and have clarity about the path ahead.The Soul Journey will change and expand your map of the world within.

Wingwave coaching will enable you to liberate yourself from and drop emotional baggage along the way

You will feel lighter, clearer and more peaceful 

  • burnout, stress, anger, lack of direction, anxiety

  • find inner clarity and peace 

  • reconnect with your core

  • redefine your direction in life

  • be in the present moment, relax, release and restore

  • ...

We walk in a rhythm of for 2-3 days walk/one day rest which creates time to be and reflect (whenever possible by the sea- a place for calm reflection and meditation). The healing power of Nature and walking itself/putting one foot in front of the other -regarded as a natural form of 'bilateral hemisphere stimulation'- will support the mental reprocessing and release of emotions over the course of the journey.

In the rhythms of the breath and each step, Tuning in, listening to, brainstorm your heart. Each conversation and coaching session your sense of inner calm, clarity and peace deepens. clarity. 

I will enable you to let go -one by one- : of self-limiting beliefs, the pain of difficult memories, anger, a seemingly unacceptable past, emotional injuries, thought patterns that no longer serve you and whatever it is that no longer serves you/holds you back.

Getting in touch with Nature and the essence of your being, breathing in and out, you will make profound internal changes that are long-lasting

You will emerge lighter, clearer - not only 'free from' but: 'free'.zest for life

The Camino, walked by pilgrims over centuries on a. quest for meaning, inner peace, clarity and direction- is the backdrop for your internal joruney.You will drop baggage.


aligning body, mind, heart and soul