Laughing Friends




Do you feel like you are always too much yet never enough?

Do you feel deep down that you could and that you WANT to achieve so much more?

That you have so much more to give?

Do you freeze and go silent when you know you should speak up?

Are you a high achiever but feel like a fraud?

Do you love to give but find it difficult to receive?

Do you struggle with compliments?

Are you too fat/too thin? Ugly? Not loveable?

Etc. etc. !!!


WELCOME TO THE  𝖢̶𝖫̶𝖴̶𝖡̶ ̶ ! i.e.


Motivational Speaker

Here we want to know: 

What is it that makes your heart beat faster? What is your highest vision? For yourself? For this planet? For women? Your industry? For education? For ... ? What sets you ablaze, what makes you feel most alive? 

​Our world is on fire.

Yet most of us live at 50 or 60% of our true capacity, or even much MUCH less.

Stress, anxiety, worry, doubt and especially irrational self-limiting beliefs, good-girl conditionings, self-sabotaging habits hold us back, make us hesitate, procrastinate, postpone, keep us small or even bury our heads in the sand.

I believe that we LITERALLY don't have time for this.

It is time for a revolution from within.


is a new group by and for women who are ready to step into their power and overcome the above.

  • a place to define, share and nourish what sets you ablaze, makes you feel most alive and in turn unlocks your unique strengths, talents and power and thus allows you to make the greatest positive impact on this world.

  • In our professional world we tend to wear masks, yet behind those masks is where our true power lies. This is a network that invites you to drop the masks of your professional persona and bring ALL of yourself to the table. We want to see YOU and support you in becoming more YOU.

  • ...

To those who join I offer an intensive two-hour clarity coaching session that will kickstart your journey to become the focussed, wild, passionate, bold, joyful, unapologetic and impactful powerhouse that deep down you already know you are - or really want to be.

I plan to offer Mind Mastery Workshops that will help decrease the amount of time & energy you spend in negative emotional states and increase your mental clarity, resilience and creativity in moments when the external world is stressful, fast-changing and uncertain.

Learning makes us happy & drives productivity. Research shows that employees who spend time at work learning are 47% less likely to be stressed, 39% more likely to feel productive and successful, 23% more ready to take on additional responsibilities, and 21% more likely to feel confident and happy.

Josh Bersin, Linkedin, November 2018

IBM’s 'Making Change Work' study shows that change masters succeed 80% of the time, compared to change novices who only succeed 18% of the time.

"Too many organizations crashed from the top of their industries because of their inability to both recognize and manage fundamental change."