Life Changes/Deep Coaching/Soul Journeys

I enable people to live authentic, courageous and inspired lives - liberated from negative and self-sabotaging emotions, beliefs and memories- and in touch with their higher intention and true purpose. Become peaceful within and thus become more powerful without. Create the life you really want - make it much more alive, meaning- and joyful. Find and/or sharpen your purpose, vision, and mission, and create a greater positive impact on the world. (Re)connect deeply with your inner compass, passion and core, dig deeper into & unfold your dormant potential and creative power, and manifest your (as yet) unlived dreams, extraordinary vision and personal & professional goals.

4thSolution Workshops for Corporations - Mental Health & Wellbeing/Creating the Foundation for Sustained and Sustainable Success

4thSolution Workshops distill the essence of my deep knowledge and insights as a transformational life coach. In my workshops, individuals and teams learn new mind mastery skills & strategies that protect and nourish their emotional and mental health and wellbeing, prevent burnout, and increase the mental clarity, agility, resilience and creativity needed in today's increasingly automated, fast-changing, stressful and uncertain world of work. By protecting and nourishing the mental health & wellbeing of your employees, 4thSolution Mind Mastery Workshops create a foundation for success that is not only sustained but also sustainable.

Learning makes us happy & drives productivity. Research shows that employees who spend time at work learning are 47% less likely to be stressed, 39% more likely to feel productive and successful, 23% more ready to take on additional responsibilities, and 21% more likely to feel confident and happy.

Josh Bersin, Linkedin, November 2018

IBM’s 'Making Change Work' study shows that change masters succeed 80% of the time, compared to change novices who only succeed 18% of the time.

"Too many organizations crashed from the top of their industries because of their inability to both recognize and manage fundamental change."


I facilitate life transformations and profound personal & professional development through highly personalised deep coaching tailored to your unique situation, personality, challenges, potential, dreams and goals. As your personal coach, we typically work together over a period of 6 or 12 months. This is for people who want to make deep changes now.

Get in touch if you would like to find out more, discuss your specific situation, book a workshop or a deep coaching session and/or experience how working with me can help you to transform your life. I offer a 2-hour clarity session free of charge. I work online via Zoom and in person in Edinburgh/UK.

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You are -or you want to become- a high-impact changemaker, passionate mission-driven entrepreneur, high-achiever, creative, artist, leader, or visionary. You want to find, clarify and/or sharpen your mission, vision, and true purpose. What is it that makes your heart beat faster? You want to get much closer to a life that is an expression of that.

You want to achieve extraordinary goals, make significant breakthroughs in your life and work, and make a greater positive impact on the world. You want to create a life that is fully in alignment with your values and who you truly are, dig deeper into your potential and utilise your skills, talents and strengths to the fullest. Life is short - but how can you make each day count? How can it become more meaningful and alive? You may wonder how you can create a lasting and meaningful legacy and contribute to solutions to some of today's existential problems.

You want to be at peace and at ease with yourself. You know that the more deeply you connect within the more powerful you will be without. You may have already made great achievements but still feel like an impostor. Who am I to try this? Everybody else seems so much smarter. You may feel stuck, burnt-out or feel like you've lost sight of what really matters. There's got to be more to life than this. You want to dare to dream bigger, take your vision to the next level but self-doubt and fear may be slowing you down/holding you back. You may want to or need to reinvent and rebuild your life after long-term parenting, loss, divorce or similar.

Deep down you know that there is so much more you can achieve. You have so much more to give.

If some or all of this sounds like you, then I would love to have a conversation with you.


"Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames."


- Rumi

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