It is my passion, mission, talent and joy to enable you to become the most authentic, unapologetic, wild, passionate, fearless, happy, creative and successful version of YOU.


I enable you to liberate yourself from obstacles in your inner world that may undermine your mental health, performance and success and thus un(b)lock your full potential and dreams. Working with me you become peace- and joyful within and thus more power- and impactful without.

Our world is on fire. It is my mission and passion to help as many people as possible to become creative, joy- and powerful leaders and agents for radical positive change.

What is it that makes your heart beat faster? 'What is your highest vision? For yourself? For this world? For women? Your industry? For education? What sets you ablaze, what makes you feel most alive?' I enable you to connect deeply with what really makes you tick and make this the compass for your decision-making.


'When you stand in your power, you choose and create options that light you up, take the path that makes you burn the brightest and fills your whole body with energy and expansion. And when you do, the world changes. That is what will deliver you to your own unique destiny.'

Forget safety. Live where you fear to live. Lean into the limitlessness of your potential, let the tap overflow - daily and live your passion - fully. Be at ease with yourself and be totally, authentically, unapologetically: YOU.


No. More. Holding. Back.

Too many people live a life full of regrets. My clients don't.


Do you feel deep down that you can/that you could and want to achieve so much more, and that you have so much more to give? 

Are you doing what you actually really want to do and are here to do? Do you know what it is? Do you have ideas, passions and creative projects in your head - yet years are flying by and you have still not explored -let alone manifested- them in your external world? Do they seem incompatible with your professional and/or personal life? Do you long to be at peace with yourself and with others but your life, work and relationships feel stressful, empty, joyless and tough? Are you deeply fulfilled, happy and successful - or burnt out, exhausted, stuck and struggling to find your true purpose and direction? Are you holding back parts of yourself, feeling scared of being seen? Are there voices in your head telling you that you are worthless, guilty, powerless, a fraud, unsafe, not loveable ... ? 


Do you long to create a much more exciting, meaningful and adventurous life with a much greater positive impact - but you don't know how? Are you ready for the next big step in your life? Are you a successful high achiever or a perfectionist but deep inside feel like an impostor? Do you have everything on the outside but feel empty, lost and lonely on the inside? Do you apologise often and always put yourself last; feel that you're always too much - yet never enough? Are painful/traumatic memories impacting negatively on your work and relationships? Whatever your background, challenges and goals, one thing all my clients have in common is this:

You are now ready to dig deep. You want to explore, tap into and express your dormant talents, desires and potential fully. You are 100% committed to putting in the inner work that will create the meaning- and joyful life you really want - with deeper connections and love and greater adventures, positive impact and success.

I work with

heart-driven & passionate business professionals from all industries | 

driven changemakers, visionary leaders, creative entrepreneurs, inspiring CEOs - people 'who are thirsty for the sea' and 'mad enough to think that they can change the world' | high-achievers who long to go deep | autonomous artists, writers, composers, intellectuals | people who long to find meaning and a new direction/who want & need to reinvent/rebuild their lives after divorce, loss, painful past experiences, full-time parenting or redundancy 






Deep Coaching isn't about the quick fix of an isolated topic or identifying SMART goals. 

Instead, we go into the deeper levels of your thinking, beliefs, conditionings, habits, emotions and unconscious mind. There we initiate profound & long-lasting change that unlocks your true power and reignites a spark in your heart that will set your life on fire.

transformational coaching, souljourneys & workshops for wellbeing, joy, resilience & success

If you are ready to experience how working with me can change your life, get in touch and schedule a complimentary intensive & invigorating clarity session now.



Mental Health at Work- 

21-st century THRIVAL SKILLS 

New resilience-building strategies and change capabilities that protect the mental health of individuals & teams, prevent burnout and increase the mental clarity, agility and creativity needed in today's increasingly stressful, fast-changing and uncertain world of work.




A One-Week Retreat/Coaching Intensive in St. Ives, Cornwall in Autumn 2021

registration for this event is now closed





Learn to root yourself in the present moment and tap into & live 
from a place of wholeness and deep inner peace and happiness at your core. This is where you find and access your full creativity, fearless  courage and an unwavering sense of inner clarity, certainty and direction. Become a natural leader in every area of your life and expand your sphere of influence.


Expand your sense of what’s possible, reconnect with your spontaneity, playfulness & joy within. Learn to power your life with your passion & ability to find an element of fun in everything you do. Learn to silence self-doubt, let go of stifling perfectionism and become visible - show yourself and show up FULLY. Become a naturally magnetic personality by being more YOU - fearlessly and unapologetically



Develop deeper self-love that will ripple through and that will inform how you show up in all of your relationships.  Communicate better, connect and love more deeply, and find balance in the way you give and receive. Release the pain of difficult memories and experience a new sense of ease even in your most challenging relationships.


Learn to pursue and power your career with radical and fearless authenticity, joy and passion. Access your excellence, perform at the peak of your ability, love & embrace failure and discomfort and thus go further than you ever thought possible. Show up, stand out & excel in competitive situations. Find or CREATE the role that fulfills your highest vision & makes the greatest positive impact on the world.


The limit of your thoughts is the limit of your world. Take full responsibility for your thinking, dig deeper into your dormant talents and potential, define goals that come from your heart, take bold steps towards your as-yet unlived dreams and manifest your ambitious, inspired and meaningful ideas in the external world - creating a life that lights you up.

stress, anxiety, anger, panic attackspainful/intrusive/traumatic memories, burnout, over-worrying, self-doubt, self-limiting/self-sabotaging beliefs, phobias, somatic issues, performance anxiety and similar. 

I enable you to reconnect with a sense of inner peace, freedom, joy and agency.

Working with me you will


Laughing Friends







"You will be imprisoned in a room with a door that is unlocked and opens inwards as long it does not occur to you to pull rather than push."  I enable you to have shifts in consciousness and significant insights that will uncover blind spots in your vision, expand your map of the world and discover your ability to proactively create new 'doors' - options, opportunities & pathways that lie beyond your current thinking. 
Experience you at your purest - discover, tap into & learn to live from 
a level of inner peace, wholeness, joy and power 'underneath' your thinking that is timeless and independent of events in the external world.

Wingwave/EMDR Coaching pinpoints and releases the exact stressors that may be locked into your body & nervous system and disrupt your mental & emotional balance. EMDR (using eye movements for bilateral brain hemisphere stimulation) disrupts habitual/repetitive thought patterns, allows the brain to reprocess and release stuck/unprocessed and challenging memories, emotions and the associated tension in the body. The effect is a positive reprogramming of the unconscious mind that is long-lasting. Often experienced as profoundly liberating, Wingwave/EMDR unlocks and builds mental & emotional resources and creates an optimal state of inner strength, calm and freedom.

Working with me you learn to think about & take charge of your thinking/understand how your thoughts are the cause of your emotions and CREATE your world. I will teach you Mind Mastery skills & tools that can effortlessly be implemented into your daily life that will enable you to have greater agency, emotional freedom and choice in any situation whilst minimising the amount of time and energy you spend in negative emotional states such as stress, self-doubt, anxiety or anger. Mind mastery skills build your stress resilience, protect your mental & emotional health and enable you to be level-headed, powerful and creative especially when the external world is stressful, fast-changing & uncertain.




Where is your boundary? What would you like to lean into, break through, go beyond or expand?

In our daily lives, we tend to stay within the comfort zone of our habits yet deep down know that more is possible. Not paying attention to the desires, dreams and seeds of ideas in your heart can breed regret, cause a sense of a life unlived and do damage to yourself and also others.

Fear is often a mask for our true desire and points to where our greatest passion and thus our greatest potential lies. 


"Anxiety is the dizziness of freedom."

- S.Kierkegaard


Working with me you learn to lean into your fears and the 'dizzying' limitlessness of your potential. Become a courageous edge-walker, embrace and enjoy the thrill and beauty of uncertainty, expansion and ongoing (self-)discovery. This enables you to 'play a much bigger game', reach exceptional goals, make a greater positive impact on the world and thus create a life that lights you up.




A client recently summed her experience up like this: "[...] Since I started working with Milena something fundamental has shifted. It feels like a flame has been lit inside of me. I had always been afraid to show myself to the sun. I am no longer afraid."​

"My life has completely changed since I started working with Milena, and now I’m doing what I feel I should have always been doing my whole life, which is my art. I’ve never felt more happy, and more ‘me’ - plus, I’ve got the courage to keep pushing myself forward, and taking on new challenges - I’m getting commissions and selling my work! This is the stuff of dreams. My life is like a dream now, and I never want this feeling to end. Thank you so much, Milena."


Life is short. Let's make something exceptional happen.


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"Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames."


- Rumi

Learning makes us happy & drives productivity. Research shows that employees who spend time at work learning are 47% less likely to be stressed, 39% more likely to feel productive and successful, 23% more ready to take on additional responsibilities, and 21% more likely to feel confident and happy.

Josh Bersin, Linkedin, November 2018

IBM’s 'Making Change Work' study shows that change masters succeed 80% of the time, compared to change novices who only succeed 18% of the time.

"Too many organizations crashed from the top of their industries because of their inability to both recognize and manage fundamental change."