Learning makes us happy & drives productivity. Research shows that employees who spend time at work learning are 47% less likely to be stressed, 39% more likely to feel productive and successful, 23% more ready to take on additional responsibilities, and 21% more likely to feel confident and happy.

Josh Bersin, Linkedin, November 2018

IBM’s 'Making Change Work' study shows that change masters succeed 80% of the time, compared to change novices who only succeed 18% of the time.

"Too many organizations crashed from the top of their industries because of their inability to both recognize and manage fundamental change."

new skills for a new age

transformational coaching & mind mastery workshops improving the mental health, and increasing the resilience, creativity & success of individuals & teams in today's increasingly stressful, uncertain & fast-changing world

4THSolution Workshops for Corporations

In 4THSolution workshops teams learn meta-cognition & mind mastery -effective change capabilities and new key competencies for an agile, positive and proactive mindset- protecting their mental health, preventing burnout and increasing their wellbeing, resilience, effectiveness, creative power and productivity in today's increasingly automated, challenging and stressful world of work.

4THSolution workshops are offered UK wide. Personal peak performance / Wingwave coaching for individual team members or leaders is also available.

Wingwave & Life/Anxiety Coaching for Individuals


A groundbreaking, gentle yet highly effective short-term coaching method which enables individuals to overcome anxieties, internal stress, worries, hurdles and negative self-limiting beliefs. The effect of Wingwave is often experienced as profoundly liberating and transformative, setting free dormant potential, mental clarity & energy, enabling you to perform at the peak of your ability and reach your personal & professional goals. 


Online coaching via Skype (or similar) and one-to-one sessions in Edinburgh. Coaching in German or English.

Today's unprecedented levels of uncertainty, constant fast-paced change and existential problems set the bar high for our willingness and ability to create a better future for ourselves and for future generations. 


The bold, inspired and radical solutions we so urgently need in our personal lives and on a global level simply cannot be found when we are consumed by difficult emotions - stress, anxiety, anger, when we're reactive, negative or even burying our heads in the sand. It is high time to recognise that these automatic reactions are outdated responses triggered by our unconscious brains which were designed to keep our distant ancestors living in caves save in case of an animal attack. Today these reactions make us ill and threaten our success if not survival. Deeply self-sabotaging, they take us further away from solutions to our problems. It is high time for a software update! This is what I offer in my deep coaching sessions and workshops. 

I can help you to transform into a being a balanced and more powerful person. Working with me you will learn the mastery of your mind and emotions and gain greater self-knowledge, resilience and creative strength.

I enable you to move from being overwhelmed and stressed to being calm and in your power, from not seeing the way forward to connecting to an inspiring & meaningful goal and creating a concrete path towards it. From feeling anxious and small to becoming a bold decision-maker, from feeling stuck to developing and unfolding your full dormant potential. From feeling empty inside -despite being a high achiever- to rekindling your passion and discovering a renewed sense of purpose and direction. From fearing that there is no way out to developing a new vision that may even become so powerful that it inspires others to unite around your positive goal.

There has never been a more important time in our personal lives and on a collective/global level for us to be level-headed, emotionally balanced, positive, powerful & proactive thinkers and decision-makers. The greater the challenges in our external lives, the clearer & calmer and the more creative, positive, visionary and focussed we actually not only need to but CAN be on the inside. A crisis is an opportunity to bring to light greatness. Pain can become power and fear a marker for progress and growth. Stress and anger subside. Joy, playfulness and creativity become the powers that drive the problem-solving process; a sense of meaning becomes its undercurrent.

It is my joy, passion and mission to work with people who want change -deep personal transformation and growth- and who want to expand their positive circle of influence and initiate positive change in this world. I look forward to working with you.

Milena Barton

The key to mastering the challenges in today's world lies in the MASTERY OF OUR OWN MIND.

"We can now be certain only of uncertainty and to plan for the future we must think differently. The world must be reinvented."


Charles Handy


Removing internal stressors, restoring your Mental Balance & Wellbeing, creating a Foundation for Peak Performance & Success

Wingwave & Life/Anxiety Coaching for Individuals 

A ground-breaking and profoundly transformative short-term coaching method, Wingwave® helps you to overcome emotional & mental blockages and internal stress, increases your emotional calm, mental clarity and creative decision-making power. It enables you to find direction, perform at the peak of your ability and manifest your personal & professional goals.


I can help you to prevent/address/overcome:


Stress, anger, anxiety, worry, corona anxiety, stage fright, exam/performance/dental anxiety, burnout, self-loathing/lack of confidence, negative self-limiting beliefs, insomnia, overeating, numbness, setbacks on the way to achieving a goal, lack of direction/inspiration, past emotional or physical injuries or memories that still negatively impact on your wellbeing & performance and similar such scenarios. Wingwave Coaching can also help to identify whether emotional stressors underlie a physical illness and remove those stressors. 


Wingwave unlocks and sets free hitherto blocked energy and personal potential. Often experienced as profoundly liberating, Wingwave enables individuals not only to overcome emotional and mental stress in their day-to-day lives but also removes underlying emotional/psychological disturbances that may have undermined a person's wellbeing, happiness and success for long periods, if not decades. Wingwave increases resilience and resourcefulness - the ability to be balanced, calm and completely focussed and creative even and especially in the most stressful and demanding situations. Whilst Wingwave coaching method facilitates the release of difficult/negative emotions or memories, it also un(b)locks and reinforces the unique positive qualities and strengths of each individual and enables people to move forward in their lives feeling positive, hopeful, capable, courageous and creative. 

The effect of Wingwave is

a profound & long-lasting positive reprogramming of thought patterns and beliefs on an unconscious level which restores mental and emotional balance and wellbeing, increases mental clarity, agility and creative power and enables you to perform at the peak of your ability.

Wingwave® is a powerful yet gentle cutting edge neurological and transformational coaching technique which combines EMDR (bilateral brain hemisphere stimulation by mimicking rapid eye movement during sleep), NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and myostatic testing (a simple muscle test).


This unique method allows the unconscious mind and the body to take the lead in the coaching process (instead of the conscious mind or the coach) which reveals the unconscious mind's own 'map' and pinpoints with unparalleled precision specific unconscious mental stressors that disrupt, irritate or block the coachee's mental/emotional balance and ability to perform - which otherwise could not be identified and accessed. It then releases/removes those stressors. 


Performance-inhibiting and self-sabotaging unconscious thought patterns, habits and/or self-beliefs, such as 'I am worthless/powerless', 'I am not enough', 'I can't do it'/'I am incapable' etc. are transformed into powerful resource beliefs: 'I can do this', 'I am capable', 'I am...', 


For more information about wingwave visit wingwave.com


Overcome difficulties & transform anxieties and mental/emotional blockages into positive & creative decision-making power.

I can help you to transform anxieties into new positive inner resources - replace fear with curiosity, open your mind to new potential, increasing your power to create positive change.

A difficult situation or personal crisis is always full of potential for positive change & growth - when embraced as a part of your journey of self-discovery, it is an opportunity to discover potential you did not know you had.

Discover, tap into & unfold your dormant potential.

Wingwave® is an internationally recognised breakthrough technique. It has been scientifically tested and approved by the University of Hamburg, the Hannover Medical School and German Sport University Cologne. I am a certified Wingwave coach and member of the Wingwave Quality Circle of the Besser-Siegmund-Institute Ltd. in Hamburg, Germany.

Wingwave is certified as a Continuing Coach Education by the ICF/International Coaching Federation, considered the gold standard in coaching. It has been used for over fifteen years in businesses, high-performance sports, education, creative professions etc., enabling individuals to perform at their optimum ability and reach their personal & professional goals.


It is time to invest in wellbeing.



Covid Appeal 


The number of people struggling with mental health issues -anxiety, panic attacks and depression- who are overwhelmed by a sense of fear and hopelessness has risen to crisis levels over the last few months. More often than not a lack of financial means and a lack of support by our overburdened health system mean that most people do not receive the help they so urgently need.


Sponsoring anxiety coaching sessions is a powerful way to support people who are struggling at this difficult time. If you and/or your company would like to sponsor others please do get in touch.

Even just one or two Wingwave® coaching session(s) can fundamentally shift a person's perspective, calm their emotions, reinstate a sense of hope and increase their wellbeing, resilience, energy levels and effectiveness.

If you would like to support a friend or family member who struggles with difficult emotions at this challenging time then this could be a powerful way to help them move forward.


I believe that social solidarity will be absolutely crucial over these next few months as we face a long and uncertain winter. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to make a meaningful difference to somebody else's life.


Time to re-focus on and nourish our human strengths and needs.


Key competencies & strategies for an agile, resilient and creative 

mindset - increasing the wellbeing success

of individuals & teams

4THSolution Workshops for Corporations

In 4thSolution workshops, individuals & teams learn to develop meta-cognition, mind mastery and new change capabilities which increase their wellbeing, resilience, creativity and productivity in today's highly dynamic and often stressful work environments.

Individuals and teams are enabled to recognise, substantially reduce and avoid unconscious, negative, self-sabotaging and productivity-decreasing responses (such as stress, anxiety, worry, anger, exhaustion, conflict) as well as change-resistant thoughts and habits* - and learn to replace these with new positive and resilience-building competencies and strategies.

(*In the context of change processes these negative responses can amount to a loss of productivity of over 50%). 

The mental & emotional energy and the time previously absorbed by negative re-actions become available for the proactive development of positive solutions & creative new ideas.

Individuals & teams develop an agile & creative mindset which empowers them to think, plan & act at the peak of their abilities, beyond the limits of convention, past experiences, conditionings, habits and routines. 

Mental agility & space is created for the clear, critical, creative and innovative thinking, that is needed to not only master today's challenges but also tap into & unfold each individual's and the 4th Revolution's full potential.

Increased wellbeing, performance & productivity - without any increase in your time or energy investment. 

Productivity & efficiency increase 

and targets are reached more easily as improved stress resilience, inner calm and mental agility enable participants to stay solution-focused and creative even in challenging, stressful and highly pressured situations. Greater stress resilience helps to prevent burnout.


4ThSolution competencies ensure that your workforce has the mental and emotional capacity to not only cope with but thrive in and drive the change process

Improved empathy, communication and negotiation skills in turn inspire a positive team spirit and positive collaboration

across departments.


4thSolution competencies help to create positive & vibrant workplace culture, increasing 

your company's attractiveness and employee retention rate. 4thSolution 

change capabilities help to keep your teams at the forefront of developments and your company ahead of your competitors.

Our innovative & 

interactive workshops are designed to evoke light-bulb moments that enable participants to instantly experience positive effects.



learning goes deeper when it is enjoyable,

all 4THSolution Workshops are inspiring, engaging and fun.


 4th Solution Workshops facilitate deep learning that has a long-lasting positive impact on the participants' professional and personal lives. 


Making sure your people and your business do not just survive but THRIVE.

Coaching for Individual Team Members / Leaders

Stress, anxiety, anger and similar emotions dramatically reduce the effectiveness of individuals and can hold back their personal and your company's potential and success. Peak performance Wingwave Coaching reduces these productivity-inhibiting emotions by pinpointing and removing specific psychological/emotional stressors that may block or disturb a person and restores their mental and emotional balance. Wingwave® Coaching thus helps to address and prevent burnout and makes peak performance, high productivity and success not only achievable but sustainable.  

It is high time for a paradigm shift -

away from the depletion of human & natural resources towards a new education focussed on wellbeing, the development of our irreplaceable UNIQUELY HUMAN skills & creative potential and a new vision for a wholesome future existence.


For a rebalanced world in which our internal and external -natural- resources are nourished, protected & restored.

We are passionate about inspiring and enabling people to not only tap into the 4th Revolution's but also their own full HUMAN POTENTIAL.

It is our mission to support people and companies in building a positive (work) environment which invites and fosters the highly autonomous, critical, creative and visionary thinking which is today not only essential for business success but also for the development of solutions to today's urgent and existential environmental problems. For a wholesome world and an economy that has the autonomy, creativity and wellbeing of individuals and the restoration of nature at its heart - because "we [simply] cannot solve today's problems with the same mindset that created them."

Wellbeing and Success depend on Mastering Change. 

IBM’s 'Making Change Work' study shows that change-resistance is one of the top inhibitors of project/business & personal success. People with highly developed change 

capabilities succeed 80% of the time, compared to change novices who only succeed 18% of the time.

Learning new competencies itself increases wellbeing and success. Employees who spend time at work learning are 47% less likely to be stressed, 39% more likely to feel productive and successful, 23% more ready to take on additional responsibilities, and 21% more likely to feel confident and happy (Josh Bersin, Linkedin, November 2018).

The wellbeing of people is the foundation for sustained and sustainable success. 

 Investing in 4THSolution Workshops & Coaching pays off.

Unlock your full potential.